Love Versus Skin Color

It is unfortunate that to some people, love has shallow meaning defined by color. Love is defined as a strong affection, or a great interest and pleasure in something, according to the Cambridge dictionary. It is actually fascinating that none of the dictionaries associate it with limitation to the same race, yet some people just have to forcefully add the aspect of color to their own definition.

Love isn’t Skin Deep

Love goes beyond the skin color. The skin is simply on the outside. When dating, even those that are not in interracial relationships look inside of their partner. The outside look only matters in terms of whether you are drawn to the person’s physique or not.

Why then should skin color define love?

Mob Psychology

It is human nature to look where others are looking, out of curiosity. Have you ever looked at somebody because other people were looking at them too?

This concept is not unfamiliar when it comes to interracial relationships. Some people stare at an interracial couple passing by simply because others are. Others judge harshly because those close to them also judge in the same manner.

If everyone could think independently, then everyone would realize that love is not defined by skin color. Take your own independent stand. You do not have to be like everyone else.

Who Made Who Judge

Love is pure, love is gentle and is about caring. There are certain verbs associated with love, such as affection. Love is not a new concept to mankind. It has existed for many centuries. There have been different types of romans, which at first were rejected but became socially acceptable with time, or at least legalized.

However, when it comes to interracial love, have you ever thought ‘who made anyone judge?’. Who made anyone judge to rule out when he or she feels that someone of a different color should not date someone in their own color? This is unfair and uncalled for. Only those involved in interracial dating know why they are- the rest do not.

Freedom to Marry

The whole concept of interracial relationships can as a whole be viewed as a love story, where a young couple fell madly in love. However, before 1967 (in USA) their love was considered an abomination, illegal and the society shunned such kind of love.

This couples fight for their love until 1967 when USA legalized interracial marriage. This is a concept that runs all over the world. Interracial relationships have had to fight for their freedom to marry-literally. Why then should anyone let color alone get in the way of such love?

It Begins with You

Many people from all over the world are now accepting interracial relationships. It is no longer an abomination but admiration. Many have chosen to see beyond the skin color. People now realize that love is not skin deep. It goes beyond that.

Love in its purest form is not discriminative. It is not resentful of those who choose a different path. Love embraces all-despite the skin color. However, it begins with you.

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