The Development Trend and Prospect of Interracial Dating

Simply put, interracial dating refers to being romantically involved with a partner who is from a different socially defined race from one's. Mostly, interracial dating is used to address relationships between black and white couples. However, other interracial couples include Hispanic and Asian, Black and Asian, white and Asian, and many other varieties of interracial relationships.

Interracial dating isn't a new type of relationship. Dating back to the 1600s, the first mix-raced offspring was born. However, the union of the couple was criminalized by laws that were enforced to stop interracial marriages. During this period, anyone that tries interracial dating was considered a disgrace to the society, and unfortunately, this discrimination continued for many years.

As time passed by, the laws became easier and more flexible, and people began to understand interracial relationships. In 1967 precisely, the supreme court of the United States formally declared interracial dating legal. The claim was that restrictions on the eligibility of marriage of an individual based on race violate the equal protection clause of the constitution of the country.

Soon after, the number of interracial couples grew, extending to other races in addition to the black and white races. As of 1990, reports indicate that the number of interracial marriages in the country was over a million. According to the statistics, not less than three-quarter of the population of married Native Americans were to a different race. Also, over half of the youth population were involved in an interracial relationship.

Over the past two decades, the figure of interracial marriages has increased tremendously. Expressed as a percentage of the total number of couples in the country, interracial marriages increased from 2% in 1970, 7% in 2005, 8.4% in 2010, to 12% in 2013, and the number keeps increasing till date. There were enormous developments to the status of interracial relationships in other countries too, like the Hawaii, Canada, Latin America, Guyana, Trinidad, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, and many others.

Despite the many benefits of interracial relationships today, interracial couples undoubtedly are more likely to face more challenges while trying to make the relationship work, compared to marriages between the same races. These issues, however, can be overcome so long as the partners are dedicated to being together.

Unlike the old days, our society is continually evolving and becoming more and more tolerant of the variations in races. Those in interracial relationships need to ensure that they are in it for real. Undoubtedly, there will be some oppositions to the relationship, be it from families or friends, the interracial couples need to be strong together to deal with any challenges they face.

The rates of interracial marriages have been on the rise, and we can expect the number to keep rising. This is as a result of the fact that people of different races are moving and living close to each other. Hence, they are more likely to socialize with one another, start a relationship and possibly get married.

In essence, over the past two decades in the US, the number of interracial marriages has doubled. This is an indication of the trend and prospect of interracial dating, and also the open-mindedness of people towards trying a different type of relationship.

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