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In this article, we will be looking at InterracialCupid , which is one of the few websites offering interracial dating services that have been around for well over a decade. Having being around for that long, one will be expecting top notch services and less negatives, well, there is only one way to find out, let us get on with the review. We will review it based on its features, cost, membership, actual dating service rendered, site appeal and a lot more.

Accessing the site should not be that difficult as it has been optimized to load faster by the developer. The user interface is not the best you would find in a dating site but it is neither the worst. Scrolling further down will bring out some nice slides. The site generally is easy to navigate through and has a well styled sign-up form. As a new user, what attracts you on getting to the page is the “it’s free to join” label, which is very bold and catchy! The registration procedure is very straight forward and easy. Compared to some other interracial dating sites, they have an option to register using a Facebook account. This is a very plausible functionality as it will save potential members the stress of supplying duplicate information which could have easily been fetched from social media or e-mail account.

Costs & Features

There are three kinds of membership on the platform, which are the Standard, Gold and Platinum membership. The Standard is for free, while the Gold and Platinum are paid. There are numerous benefits for being on any of the packages, but as we know it, the value of service differs. Members who subscribe to the Standard or free package enjoy the following benefits;

  • Access to real people of interest, all over the world. Most of the members here are mainly from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. So people staying in this region would find their service really useful.
  • A very effective profile. Members can add up to five photographs for free.
  • The “my match” function, which is a smart matching system. It views user profiles and scans through the database to find matches that appeals to their specifications. This saves them ample time from moving from one profile to the other.
  • Interracial Cupid is known to offer some of the best searching option. The users are allowed to enter different parameters which could be location, religion, gender, ethnicity and more. This functionality helps trim down the large list of potential dates to your preferred choices.
  • They can also send “interested” poke and communicate with Gold and Platinum members.
  • These features look good, especially when you it comes free! Gold members are a step ahead of the Standard and have more benefits, which they paid for. Some of what they enjoy are;

  • All the features of the Standard membership.
  • Ability to view active members and chat with them, without having to wait for them to initiate the conversation.
  • Their profiles are unique and highly ranked on the site, compared to the Standard members.
  • The subscription for this package is listed below; Gold membership of one month: $40.50. Gold membership of three month: $27 / month. Gold membership of six month: $20.26 / monthGold membership of one year: $13.50 / month.

    Premium membership is the highest ranking for members. Purely five star treatment, though not many members are willing to take the plunge into this level. Premium members enjoy the following benefits;

  • Being the highest ranked members, they are the poster faces of the site. Their profile is promoted and they have a high chance of getting noticed.
  • They have access to a language functionality, which helps translate different languages, therefore breaking the language barrier.
  • They enjoy video chatting. Although, this feature is only between Platinum members.
  • They can upload and watch video profiles.
  • The subscription for this package is: Platinum membership of one month: $50.65. Three month: $33.77 / month. Six month: $25.33 / month. One year: $16.88 / month.


    Having looked through the features of Interracial Cupid and its membership packages, we need to make a conclusion on whether it is worth the money. There are some negatives about this site; they do not have a blog and their customer service is not the best. Most of the very good features are paid and the cost, especially for the Premium package is quite high. They have only just released a mobile app for Android, which is very good and will make user accessibility even easier. You can try that even if the quality of service may not yet be perfect, it will definitely get better!

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